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Postby Juni » Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:45 pm

Game user agreement

All the below mentioned information (hereinafter, Rules) is applicable to the Human-Age/Greek-Age/Kingdom-Age domains as well as the message board (forum). You must read, understand and accept it before being allowed to play.

These Rules are enforced by the game Staff. If the Rules are violated by one or more users, the Staff shall take actions to make sure that the violations cease, which includes, but is not limited to, warnings, post editions, closing of forum threads, suspensions of game/forum accounts, and permanent deletion of game/forum accounts.

1. The Staff

The game Staff is composed by Administrators, Super Moderators, Game Moderators and Forum Moderators. All Moderators are normal players, who were entrusted with certain powers to help keeping order both in game and in the message board.

1.1. Forum Moderators: They are responsible for keeping order in the areas of the message board which are not related to the game (Down the Local). Forum Moderators, for not being directly involved with the game moderation, are allowed to have political roles in game;

1.2. Game Moderators: Just like Forum Moderators, they take care of the message board. But they are responsible for the areas related to the game (Technical Difficulties, Gameplay Q&A, and Ages). Additionally, they enforce the Rules in the game. They are currently divided by Ages, and are permitted to have political roles in game, except in the Ages they moderate, where they still can play, but must remain in a neutral position;

1.3. Super Moderators: They are responsible for assisting both Forum and Game Moderators in their duties when they face a problem that they can't solve alone and for taking action whenever a moderator is prevented to act in a problem. They also have the same powers as Forum and Game Moderators, and are forbidden to take part in any political actions in game;

1.4. Administrators: They provide assistence for Moderators and Super Moderators in their tasks. Administrators are responsible for reviewing the actions taken by Moderators/Super Moderators when necessary, as well as problems involving credits. Administrators can also review the Rules whenever they feel it's needed. As Super Moderators, Administrators are neutral when it comes to politics;

2. General Rules (applicable both in game and forum):

The following content is forbidden:

2.1. Impersonating Staff. By "impersonating Staff", we mean any attempt of being recognized as a Staff member, as well as making statements that only the Staff would be able to make;

2.2. Claiming to have any kind of influence in a Staff's decision;

2.3. Flames and insults. The moderation staff are the final arbiter of whether something is flaming/insulting or not;

2.4. Swearing. Bypassing the automatic censor by using *’s, deliberate misspellings, acronyms or in other ways is against the rules. Just because a word is not filtered by the auto-censor does not mean it is automatically not a swear word. Some words are swear words in some contexts and not others, and are thus left off the auto-censor;

2.5. Pornographic, racist or otherwise discriminatory text or images;

2.6. Spam. We define 'spam' as: Posts which do not contribute significantly to the thread’s discussion; the overuse of bolds, italics, smilies, underlines and textsize. The Staff is the final arbiter of what is or is not spam;

2.7. Statements which violate or encourage the violation of the Rules;

2.8. Any attempt to coerce or provoke other users into breaking one of the above Rules;

2.9. Discussion of illegal software (i.e. “warez” or cracked software), including linking to it;

2.10. Public discussion of in-game and forum punishments or violations;

2.11. Links to and advertising of other video game online/web game sites and/or direct competitors. Whether mentioning a game is considered advertising is up to the discretion of the moderation staff;

2.12. Public posts in a language other than English (this rule doesn't apply to the Babel Tower area in the forum);

2.13. Quoting messages which include forbidden content or otherwise break the Rules;

2.14. Quest/Challenge spoilers in public areas. This kind of discussion must be held at private areas, such as Private Messages, the private boards in the forum, or private Chat Threads;

2.15. Pictures, address or any other personal information of a member without the express consent of the person or people concerned;

2.16. Other contents deemed inappropriate by the Staff.

3: Forum Rules (applicable to the message board and in-game Chat Threads):

The following content is forbidden:

3.1.Re-posts and Cross-posts. Re-posting a locked or deleted topic is not allowed, if the original subject of the locked/deleted topic violated the Rules. Posting the same topic in multiple boards is not allowed;

3.2. Double-posts. This is posting twice (or more) in a row in the same thread (Use the “Edit” button instead.);

3.3. “Deputy” posts. These are posts in which the user points out that someone is breaking the Rules. Use the Report button or message a Moderator in private instead;

3.4. Each clan has a private board in each one of the Ages at the Message Board. Players are allowed to access only the private boards of a single clan, even if they have characters in more than a clan;

3.5. Access to the private boards is granted through request to the respective Game Moderator. The following requirements must be attended:

Requesting access to "Member Only" Areas
If you are in:-
  • Age 1, you need to be of 30 moons in Game age.
  • Age 2 - you don't need apply again since you have probably applied when you were in Age 1, unless you changed clans then, you will have to inform us and the effective date will be 30 days from the date of new request/ notification of change of clan.
  • Age 3 - same as Age 2
  • Age 4 - same as Age 1 if your account is a new sign up, and same as Age 2 if you character had evolved through the Ages.
  • Age 5 - same as Age 4
  • Age 6 - same as Age 4
You can only request access to one clan "Members Only"area even if you have characters in other clans in the other Ages ie:- Age 4, 5 & 6.

3.6. The maximum size allowed for your avatar is 120x120 pixels;

3.7. Signatures, including image, text and BB code tags (eg. quotes), are limited to a maximum overall height of 160 pixels, which roughly equates to 8 lines of standard text, or an image with a height of 120 plus 2 standard lines of text. Signatures must also not be so wide that they stretch the page layout on a standard resolution. Any kind of external referrals in signatures is forbidden;

3.8. Only actual and authentic player names may be used in the Player Name/Clan/Age section of your profile. Using this feature to impersonate other players is strictly forbidden;

3.9. Only one forum account is allowed per person, no matter how many game accounts you have. Creating more forum accounts will lead to all accounts being deleted;

3.10. Chat Threads are regulated by the same principles applied to the Message Board, where applicable, as well as the General Rules;

3.11. Private Chat Threads (in-game private threads) are managed by their creators at their will, and the Staff will not interfere on what happens inside them;

4. Game Rules (applicable to the Human-Age/Greek-Age/Kingdom-Age domains):

The following content is forbidden:

4.1. Multiaccounting. Multiaccounting (owning more than a single character in the same Age) is not forbidden, as long as it is used in a fair and sensible fashion. If someone is caught using the other accounts to enrich the main character, or gain any kind of advantage, all accounts will be deleted;

4.2. It is strictly forbidden to hack or to profit from a bug in the game. All bugs or security flaws must be immediately announced to the Staff;

4.3. The following contents in particular are not allowed at the confessionals:

4.3.1. Political posts
4.3.2. Asking for any kind of help, which includes, not being limited to, money, reputation points or quest directions
4.3.3. Conversations of any kind

5. Final Remarks

5.1. Punishments are up to the discretion of the Staff. The following guidelines are generally used, but the Staff is free to give custom punishments in any and all cases if necessary:

5.1.1. First violation: Warning
5.1.2. Second violation: Limited Game/Forum Suspension
5.1.3. Third and ensuing violations: Deletion of Game/Forum account

5.2. Evading a suspension by creating a new account will result in an IP-ban;

5.3. If you have a complaint or question about a moderator’s decision, the following procedure should be followed:

5.3.1. Send a PM to the Moderator in question.
5.3.2. If you cannot resolve the situation with the Moderator, send a PM to a Super Moderator.
5.3.3. If you still cannot resolve the situation, send a PM to an Administrator.

5.4. Under no circumstances should you make a public post to resolve the situation;

5.5. The game is entirely free. The pages proposing paying services are by no means an obligation for the continuation of the game. These services grant certain privileges to the players, allowing the developers to cover the resulting expenses of running the game;

5.6. Users that are under 18 years of age must ask the permission of their legal guardian, the owner of the credit card or any other means of payment used on this website. No action can be taken towards the domain in the case of an under-age user using the payment services of this site without consent of his or her legal guardian;

5.7. We have the right to end the game, delete the website as well as all the user accounts without warning, at any time and without having to give any reasons;

5.8. The use of user details, such as email addresses will be used for the good function of the game. Nevertheless, we reserve the hypothetical right to use these addresses for marketing purposes;

5.9. A current list of staff members can be found here.
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Re: Forum Rules

Postby Juni » Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:26 pm

Forum rules updated for requesting access to Members only areas.
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