Building looks

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Building looks

Postby Karma » Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:27 am

That is one of top 3 things about the game i had in every age... As i recall u have that feature in all other ages... But not this one... In this age it is primal to upgrade buildings and all you get for that is upgrade points... Were are those beautiful new looks when you upgrade ur farm? It is impossible for farm to look the same from start and 1000 upgrade maxed.... It should have atleast new colors and something bigger and more elegant looking.I was soooo happy when i had my mansions and palate. Also all the buildings we are making look the same as well :(. I mean if my Fully upgraded inn looks the same as the one never upgraded then i dont have any marketing you know... If you go to village and see my inn as Hilton hotel then all would know that presidential suite is available at my place.....

I think all buildings and farm should have new looks with upgrades , especially when maxed...
I miss it soooooo muchhhhh....
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