Gang BONUS BUG? Strength points bug?

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Re: Gang BONUS BUG? Strength points bug?

Postby Tisha » Sat Oct 22, 2011 5:59 pm

the game is unbalanced. if I only knew about this I would never add points into strenght. me bad for didn't reading the forums before.
going to other activities is not a sollution

double wrote:4 Oak planks. It cost you 192 energy pts and earnt you 80 XP. --> 2 free oak + 2 using 96 nrg each

48 energy used / oak

double wrote:3 Oak planks for 98 energy and received 60XP. -> 2 free oak + 1 using 98 nrg

32,6 energy used / oak

And if I extract two times in a row I get 6 oak planks for 196 energy much better than 4 for 192 energy.
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Re: Gang BONUS BUG? Strength points bug?

Postby double » Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:35 pm

not up to me to decide either :eh:
it's just based on what the strength stats entails and how the bonus from equipments and gang provides affects everything. I left the gang which provided extraction bonus as well.
From a mathematical point of view, having no strength certainly provides you with the best value with the extract 1 wood and get 4 free (? 2 from equipment and 2 from gang ? ) method. but as you put more strength into stats , energy required lowers, and at max stats and good equipment, the energy required may go into single digit. single digit vs 98 (or if you wish to compare 98/5 ). of course, that's a long way to go. and I do not study at which strength point will enable you to have an additional 'bonus' wood added to the extraction , or if it is the same with ore and stone.

In any case, picking is not a bad option for those who do not have to travel far to pick.

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Re: Gang BONUS BUG? Strength points bug?

Postby Melkorbane » Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:39 pm

full str and 1 saw on each hand gets me...

You extracted 13 Oak planks. It cost you 209 energy pts and earnt you 260 XP.

16.07 energy per plank
1.244xp per energy

I'm not part of a gang so i dunno how that works, but strength is definitely beneficial
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