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Postby Quark » Fri Dec 30, 2011 9:00 pm

when I was able to log on today around 1530 site time, I found 5 sections in my shop 'wallyworld' in Cheyenne mountain, Grindiana were totally empty. There was nothing in the remarks to indicate why. no one bought everything, and if they had, the items should have shown sold out, not empty shelves. the building is at 1000%, fully maintained, and the upgrade to prevent a random sold out item is one of the ones I selected. I have made no changes to the lineup, so all the sections I have chosen should be stocked.
the shop should have restocked at 1800, but the same sections are still empty. [components, security, hygiene, pet food, and farm animals are totally empty] The other sections of the store are fine, and the other two shops in Cheyenne mountain are also fine. It is a beta building if that makes any difference.
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