Unable to add livestock to the stable [Not a Bug]

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Unable to add livestock to the stable [Not a Bug]

Postby TEUFELHUNDEN » Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:38 am

I am currently allowed to have up to 5 livestock in a stable. I have two stables (my third and fourth) that only have 3 livestock in them as of right now. Both tell me I am allowed to raise 2 more livestock. However, when I try to add them it gives me a message that the stable is already overcrowded. I tried again after clearing my cache but that didn't help.

Town: Pandemonium

Edit: I just removed two adult animals from one of the first two stables and now it isn't letting me put any more in those either. I still have room to add two more, but it is saying that the stable is overcrowded.

EDIT: (02 OCT 2011) I just realized what the issue is. I had not noticed that you could choose which stable to put an animal in. I had just been entering a stable, then selecting the animal to raise, assuming the animal was being put into that exact stable. However, this does not appear to be the case as it gives a list of your stables to choose from.The default stable is the only one that happens to be full, so I switched stables to another one that was listed in the drop down list and was able to add another animal. Sorry about the false alarm. :blush:
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