Gang Bonus and Seam opening

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Gang Bonus and Seam opening

Postby Kismu » Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:50 am


I think there is a bug with Gang bonus and when seam is dry. As a part of the gang, our leader has selected the Mining benefits. So when we extract we get extra blocks, after using extra energy (so not really a gang bonus, but this is not the bug i am reporting.) So normally if I am able to extract 10 blocks (at the cost of energy for 8 blocks (chisel bonus)) in one go, with the gang bonus I can extract 12 blocks (at the cost of energy for 10 blocks). This is all fine when the seam is full of the items.
When seam runs out, normally with out gang bonus we get 0 blocks, at the cost of energy for one block. And after few tries we open a seam.
But with the gang bonus, even if the seam runs out, we get 2 blocks of the item always at the cost of energy for 2 blocks and the seam never seems to open up.

So this is the bug that could be reproduced.
1. Be part of a gang with active Mining bonus.
2. Extract some item, say Limestone Till the seam runs out. One can still extract 2 limestone blocks always and never open a seam. You will have to wait for some one form the town and not part of the gang to open the seam.

Hope I explained the bug correctly with out confusing... :roll:
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