Fellowship Quest issue

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Fellowship Quest issue

Postby Tdaman » Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:54 am

I searched on this problem and found similar issues, but no solutions.

I went to Galelitha, Caderrann, Kaeamar, and Adwealoth, and I get, “You have vanquished all the horsemen. Go and fetch your reward from Stephen The Monk.”

I go to Stephen the Monk and get "'Silence! I shall speak only in the presence of your leader!"

My Fellowship has completed the quest before I was high enough to even start the quest. Everyone but me and two others has since evolved, so only three of us remain in this fellowship.

Did I complete the quest even though I was not high enough level to start the quest?
Do I still need to do the quest and need two more people in our fellowship to start the quest?
I would appreciate any help in this matter.
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