Church Crisis

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Re: Church Crisis

Postby stig » Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:40 am

Once again, following a lot of hard work by our citizens and obviously those from other kingdoms, within 30 minutes we have lost over 400 believers for no reason whatsoever.

Please will the coders explain the criteria of this constant downgrading of our believers. At least then we will know what we are dealing with and try to address the problem ourselves.


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Re: Church Crisis

Postby bbhbc10 » Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:49 pm

there are 6 ways to increase the believers (there are more ways like christenings, etc but they don't give you much or a bonus daily if you have the most)

there are 4 bonuses handed out at different times of the day..

1. have the most people to donate to your church daily (the amount they donate doesn't matter, 10 or 20..doesn't matter) will gain you the most believers.

2. have the most people beg for money

3. have the most people beg for food

4. have the most enter the hospital daily to get healed

5. hold mass

6. Inquisitions

but beware, begging for food or money will most likely land you in jail more times than not and you will lose a lot of rep pts for every time you land in jail for begging.

at least you have gotten one bonus in the past few days:

12.10.1211 at 19:10 The mother superior in charge of feeding the needy tells you she fed 5 hungry mouths at a cost of 25 crown(s).

12.10.1211 at 19:10 This is the church that gave the needy the most meals during the last day.

but you prob lost all those you gained from not having someone use the hospital

this problem was addressed 13 months ago and this is the response we got then and nothing has changed since:


Re: Losing Church believers

Postby Chris@home » Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:49 am
You lose followers for various reasons. If the church of your Kingdom is among the least generous, ie doesn't give out money to it's citizens, then you will lose followers. On the other hand, if the citizens of a Kingdom are scroungers and don't give to the church, it will lose followers too. Same for the number of people healed at hospital, pitance handed out, how many beggars are taken care of, how many heretics are checked, etc.

as for the TP...we will just not have another mass again until something is finally done to help us with this problem...there is no point in doing inquisitions, trying to get the most to beg, etc daily since you can lose all your hard effort for a weeks worth of work in one day if you don't have the most or at least some people doing each one daily.

Like i said before, why not make holding mass free and only have to use believers to wage holy wars?
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Re: Church Crisis

Postby Abydos1 » Sat Oct 15, 2011 9:59 am

:hmmm: So many good ideas that will have to be taken up to the French committee even though we play the English version which has a completely different set of players...can somebody from admin please throw us a bone? :wish:
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Re: Church Crisis

Postby Zaphara » Thu Oct 20, 2011 4:56 pm

I find it rather terrible that newer players such as myself can not progress past the 2nd quest due to a lack of masses being held. Now TP is not holding masses so NO new players will even be able to get to where I am (waiting on WoA to hold mass) in the quest line as you have to attend Mass there. This is very disturbing as we can't donate to the church until we complete the 2nd quest chain. Also while it may be easy to say go beg and ask for sustenance, I have to spend all my crowns that I use to feed my pets and two twin boys and keep my husband happy so I can stay at or below 200 crowns or face jail time, that and not all have money for the steed of chaos which will at least cut the amount of energy to go to each church and beg as you can only ask for sustenance from one church. As for those talking about the threats of Holy wars, I have heard of the past actions many months ago while I was still in age 4 and with how things are going I think that is the last things any of us currently should be worried over.

I think it would be a good idea to post daily the amount of believers gained and lost daily, so the admins can take the data to the coders and let them see the numbers. Obviously we as players also need to pull together and beg some more, if single get married and start having babies and christen them and ask for sustenance and attend EVERY mass there is and of course donate if you are able to do so and of course if sick go to hospital for treatment. It would also be nice that for those churches able to hold mass to coordinate with other churches who are holding it so that the days they hold it maybe help those like me who sit here waiting over a week for the mass of a certain kingdom, cause even after WoA holds theirs (if they do) I have to wait for EH to do mass again and they did theirs today. :doi: Wish I had WoA already done so I could finish this quest line and start giving 20 crowns to each church. :thumbup:
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Re: Church Crisis

Postby kerenhb » Sat Nov 26, 2011 6:30 pm

I'm the current King of WoA and we try to hold mass twice a month, at the moment. So I advise messaging the King or cardinal to tell you when it's on.

I feel that every clan should try to hold mass at least once a month to allow people to complete the quest (abit at a very slow pace), Many people need TP's mass and that could create large issues in the future, if not dealt with soon.

I am personally very annoyed, as I have only one character and have slowly gone through every single age, taking a year or two in each.
I now worry that I will never be able to get past TP and evolve. If I can't I may have to quit, rather than make a new character and lose everything I had.

This would be terrible.

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Re: Church Crisis

Postby bbhbc10 » Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:18 pm

i am (for the last time since all my effort will be for nothing since i cannot continue to do so) put forth one more effort to get our Church able to have one more mass before the end of the year...

this will require a ton of effort and begging all kingdoms for help since we can't do it alone...

since begging for food or money could land you in jail and the loss of a lot of rep pts., i only am asking for anyone who can in any kingdom to please come to TP to donate any amount to help us out...i will try to get some friends to take care of the begging so we won't have 0 people doing it daily and we end up losing believers because of it...

i will keep you informed of how many believers we have and how many more we will need to hold one more mass

we currently have 486 believers and need 2014 more believers to hold mass

anyone who is needing the TP mass to continue in the quest...Please be ready to attend when we can have it since i do not know when we will be able to hold another!!!
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Re: Church Crisis

Postby dubjean » Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:32 pm

I did notice that someone at the TP church wasted 200 believers by not having proper inquisitions. First there were not enough held to cover the use of them and the ones I did see weren't any good. Granted it was not enough to make a difference in you having mass or not but it's still a waste that was done by your church and is equal to 40 people donating to your kingdom.
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Re: Church Crisis

Postby bbhbc10 » Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:28 pm

that won't happen again since i am the cardinal again...we will only do another inquisition when i have some free time to look for enough people to torture and have it make a difference...

i was going to evolve workerbee in a week (or when he finally gets enough jousting wins...150 more to go :) ) but i am holding off doing that until we are able to hold another mass since it seems our Kingdom is one holding up everyone...i think...

since my main character is in age 6 i haven't been paying too much attention to this age but i see we have lose over 30k or more believers since i evolved and our church has decayed into nothing because no one is interested in taking on the cardinal job and keeping it up... :censored:

i should have us up to enough believers for one mass in a week or so (fingers crossed)...i have posted it everywhere i thought the most people in the game would see it (the chruch mass thread) , in our kingdom news and going to put out a gov. message to our own clan 2Xs a day until we are able to gain enough...

that is the best i can do since i don't have much time to devote to the game anymore and since my main character is in age 6 and that takes up most of the time i have to play everyday :(


12/03 -- We now have 2,415 out of the 2500 believers needed to hold Mass looks like I will be able to set our Mass sometime today and I'm thinking of setting it for Tuesday (if that works for everyone) to give all of us a couple of days to announce it to our kingdoms or tell your friends :wink:

And i wanna say thanks to everyone who has helped us out in the past week...we couldn't have done it without your help :angel:

if anyone is needing our help, just ask and i will put out a message to the TP's to go and help 8)
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Re: Church Crisis

Postby spindrift » Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:33 pm

Theres a new thread regarding church believers, where we are trying to get a programme going to get the numbers up
The following people have been invited (due to the position they hold within their Kingdom)
If you haven't had chance to visit there yet, can you please pay us a visit and see if you can help
Elvira, Hantu and Jaxx of TG
nissa and workerbee of TP
Mielikki and wisehealer of RB
Hereward, Lexi and gram of FF
stig and spindrift of CS
Minnie and hazelnut of LH
Pathfinder, Tandromeda and Kerenhb of WA
kaia, LadyShannon and jackwolf of EH

Many Thanks
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Re: Church Crisis

Postby sweetsapphire70 » Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:20 am

Give money!!! Pretty much useless! Maybe a quest will teach you the benefits of giving away money... this is the message i get every time i try to give can you helpppp me plzzzzzzzzzzzz i want to give soo bad but cant :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Re: Church Crisis

Postby Shannon » Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:01 pm

It looks like the programme we have running among the 8 kingdoms is doing some good. But, it being December and people pausing for Christmas holidays makes it hard to tell if this programme will be effective in the long-term. On the upside though, it has shown some hope.

My advice:
- For those who have passed the Absolve Hermeline's Sins quest - donate to each church daily. Your energy should fully regenerate twice a day and it takes, at most, 70 energy to make the circuit. That leaves you 130 to do the other things you need to do. In terms of crowns, it takes 80 to make the circuit. I have two multis in this age. One has done the quest and the other is waiting to. (I forgot to get a start on it before TG held their mass so I have to wait for the next go-around. Oops.) My point is, though LadyS has a steed of chaos the others don't. They're lucky if they get stilts, and the one who has passed the quest goes and donates to all the kingdoms.
- For those who have not passed the quest - beg for sustenance once a day (if you have more than 200 crowns, donate the extra to the kingdom and/or your village). If you fall ill (for any reason) go to the church and get healed. Beg for alms once a day (if you have more than 200 crowns, donate the extra to the kingdom and/or your village). Get married as soon as you can. Blessing marriages gains believers. If you're married, work on having as many babies as you can. Each child that gets christened gains believers. Nomana and I have done our part here, and continue to do so. ;)
- For those who are in church positions - the bishops can be going around to as many villages as possible reminding people to attend whatever mass is being held. (Note: I say can since this would be an added burden to energy if you don't have a steed of chaos.) Inquisitors should be checking the capitals several times a day looking for unbelievers. At this point, nobody should be working on the quest that requires you to be in the negative faith range so anyone with 0 and below should be inquisitioned.

As for the devs.... They definitely should have at least one new character in Age 5 so they can see for themselves the trouble we're in. If they aren't willing to do this, then the question must be asked: Is this game worth playing??? My suggestion would be to eliminate the believer losses entirely on the English version. I'm not talking about the cost to organize Mass, but the losses for having the fewest inquisitions, donations, etc. Those losses are completely demoralizing and punishes us when we should be helped. If English Age 5 ever has a large enough player base to warrant bringing them back then do so, but right now it's doing more harm than good. It's not even making the game fair or fun to play.
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