Voting and Multis

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Voting and Multis

Postby Lawz » Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:55 am

Could the admins please consider limiting the votes in elections to one per IP address? I'm guessing it is possible since buying things and giving RP from people with the same IP address is not allowed. This would stop any possible manipulation of the election system in KA. Obviously the issue would come with multis in different clans, and family members using the same computer.

Thank you for considering this.
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Re: Voting and Multis

Postby exclusivesilouette » Fri Feb 25, 2011 1:17 am

How would that be fair for people like me. My husband and I share a computer. Why should we both not be able to vote? :shock:

It is already hard enough for people who are honest. We would love to be able to trade rep points and buy from each other to help each other since we are friends as well as married just like any other 2 people who don't share an IP address. I don't know all the tricks that other people use to bypass things like that and I really don't want to. I like being honest. However it starts to feel like we are punished because we live in the same house with only 1 computer and happen to both like this game. Would you really suggest punishing us further?

I think that no matter what game you play, there will be others who try their hardest to ruin it for everyone by trying to get around things. However not allowing same IP address to vote will not stop that. They will find another way. (dishonest people are everywhere and will always try to get around things.) You may get a few but you really will only be hurting more people who are just trying to play a game.

I would really hate to have to quit playing this game after I have come so far and spent as much real life money as I have to play it.

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Re: Voting and Multis

Postby ouldmom4 » Fri Feb 25, 2011 1:02 pm


I do not think that there should be a limit to how often someone votes or what computer they are on.. Now I remember why I stopped playing in Greek Age. I had been on this game since Pre History evolving through the ages till Greek Age. Some people take this game far too seriously.. This is a game people meant to be enjoyed and used for entertainment purposes.. There will always be dishonest people, or people who use this game excatly the way it is meant to be played.. Just as in life there are some rules and people will always look for the loop hole..

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