Tibold did not reset

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Tibold did not reset

Postby Quark » Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:54 pm

Looks like Tibold did not reset after the site was down.

I last fought Tibold on the 30th
30.12 0:05 [Chivalry/Battles] You beat Tibold in a duel! It earnt you 300 XP.

but when I went to see him at 15:45 on the 31st, it said I could not challenge him twice in the same day. The site went down before update, and didn't come back until 8:05 according to when the daily message about health was posted. I was sleeping then and did not log on until 15:32 so I could not have visited Tibold already today. :censored:

I'd really like that 300xp
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