Where is my loot?

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Where is my loot?

Postby leatra » Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:24 pm

I pillaged a hut while on a PE but didn't get anything. It said "you stole from it 1 bucket and 40 trout heads" so I think 40 ths and a bucket should appear in my home. It's my first time pillaging stuff so there might be something I missed. Do I have to "bring them back" like we do it while hunting?

01-09-2011: You joined the punitive expedition against the Tooth Grinders.
x tried maiming you with a harpoon but you avoided it! Once in front of the fence, you managed to destroy 1 unit(s)! You participated in the expedition against the Tooth Grinders! Once the defences were breached, you fought with x. Victory! You managed to beat him. After an epic battle, you pushed him aside with your shield and stood on him. The humiliation was complete! You won 9 morale points in the fight! Once you entered the hut, you stole from it 1 Bucket and 40 trout heads!
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Re: Where is my loot?

Postby nogarey » Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:39 pm

Age2 FAQ wrote:My logs says I've pillaged somebody of the other clan. But now I can't find these things out of my inventory, where are they?

All the items pillaged in that particular punitive expeditions go together and their value is distributed evenly amongst the soldiers who joined that PE in the form of TH.

That's the reason why you still get some TH from Punitive Expeditions even when you don't pillage anyone.
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Re: Where is my loot?

Postby leatra » Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:47 pm

Oh, so that's where the ths comes from. I thought they were stolen from the clan not from the clan members. Well, it's better to distribute the loot to help the poor get richer in my opinion.

I looked at the FAQ but it seems I missed it. Sorry about that and thanks for the fast answer :D
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