Character and couple

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Character and couple

Postby Heroi » Thu May 06, 2010 11:34 am


1 Stats
This section shows the state of your health and morale.
It also shows your intelligence, strength and stamina.
Below that you can see your social rank, your weight, your reputation points and your age.

2 Your Spouse
Here you can see your spouse and details about him/her.
You can see when you were married, his/her name, if him/her has eaten or drank anything yet and his/her clan.
You can also click on >See details for more information.

3 Character Functions
Here you can find:
* Wedding adverts
* My Couple Events
* Recent Weddings
* Private messages
* My sponsorees
* My children
* Friends
* Role play description
* A quick link to the village/city

4 Extra Information
This area shows guilds you are in.
If you view someone else's profile it can also show if they have the 'Hero' badge, if they are warrior/peaceful and what ages they have previously been through.

How do I raise my weight?
Raising your weight in Greek-Age is not instantaneous unlike the other ages, you gain weight at the update instead. According to how much we've eaten we can gain weight, slim a little or stay unchanged. It is necessary to eat several prey to gain weight and to lose weight you eat nothing.

Example: Your belly is perfectly full, your weight will remain stable.
You then have to wait for the update to see how much you have gained or lost.
How much you ate the day before also influences how much you have eaten the next day. If you eat a lot one day then the next day you may not have to eat.
The weight minimum is 25kg, it will never fall below that.

How do I raise my XP?
You can raise your XP while hunting, fishing, working and while fighting.
The bar is located at the top right corner as shown in the image. When you pass your mouse over it you can see how much XP you currently have.

How do I raise my level?
There are 50 levels in Greek-Age.
You gain a level every time your XP bar is full., as well as replenishing your energy to 100%.
You can see your level in the badge at the top left corner of the screen as show in the image.

How do I raise my skills?
In Greek-Age you do not buy the skills like the other ages. You gain them as you level up.
When you level up you receive 9 skill points. You decide how many go into Intelligence, Stamina or Strength. You can also gain skill points by completing certain games or by buying Heracles who gives you another 9 skill points.
Intelligence allows you to sell your prey for a better price.
Strength and Stamina are good for defence and attacking in wars.

What does Energy do?
Energy in Greek-Age is shown in the upper left corner of the screen as shown in the image.
It allows you to hunt, to fight, to work and to repair your house.
To work you need at least 15% energy and to hunt you need 20% energy.

What is the Ideological Choice (Alignment) about ?
In Greek-Age you have the choice of being a warrior or a pacifist.
Pacifism: You cannot be burgled and cannot be pillaged during wars. You cannot rob others, fight or take part in wars.
Warrior: You can rob others, fight, defend the town and take part in wars. You can also suffer from robbery and wars.
When you choose Warrior you can only go back to Pacifist after 10 days.
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Re: Character and couple

Postby Heroi » Thu May 06, 2010 11:35 am

Questions on the couple

**Million-dollar question ** Help !! How do I get married?
click on the book icon on your character page.
To get married you can post an advert which costs 20 dr.
If you have already decided who you are going to marry, click on the book and propose to him/her.
You have to be over 21 moon-age to get married (if you did not evolve from age 3), so be patient !

what are the couple actions about?
Once married its necessary to maintain the love you or your partner have for each other. There are 5 hearts.
If all is well the hearts will be red, if its average the hearts will be grey and if its not too good they will be broken. Next to the hearts you can see how much love you or your partner has for each other and the overall love in the relationship.

If the love is poor you will lose morale at the update.
The actions last from 7am in the morning to 12am at night (ingame time). You will only be able to do one action a day. There are lots of actions and each one costs a different amount of energy and/or money. They will also raise the love at different levels. The actions are random, everyday they are different.

**Another Million-dollar question ** Help !! How do I have children?
To have a child you must choose the intimate moment action on the couple page. Both partners must do this action on the same day.
You can see the result of this at the update (couple update at 07:00 game time), you/your wife may or may not become pregnant.
If it worked you must wait a couple of days until your baby is born. Once it is born you must take care of it, you can see its needs on the child page. If you dont take care of it the a** (Athenian Social Services) will take your child away.

Help !! How do I divorce? My spouse went missing/does not love me anymore/has another lover??
At your couple page, just below your wedding summary (at the bottom of the page), there is a 'Separation information'. Click on it and you will be able to divorce.
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