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What are villages for ?

Villages are created for different reasons. Some are pacifist, some neutral.
If you want to be part of a village you have to ask to join it. (CLAN ->STATISCTICS ->Villages and towns). Select the village and ask to join.
You can also form your own village. Take note you can only join villages in the clan you currently belong to.

1. This tab is for Village statistics: message from the chief or ambassador, village description, donations, details [...])
2. Check if other members of the village are online.
3. Check if any player wants to join the village you are in.
4. Here is a list of products that the members of the village put on market.
5. You can always choose to leave the village.
6. A place to chat with other village members.
7. Who and how many dr. donated to the village.
8. Take part in the village wars (organised by the chief/ ambassador) - if the village is not pacifist.
9. News related to wars, village donations, new members [...]
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