Quest directions/information/discussions

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Quest directions/information/discussions

Postby double » Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:24 am

Please refrain from asking about quest info or how-to's. Those are not allowed on main message board.
Should you need help with a quest, ask for access to the private clan areas, often in those areas there are useful tips and hints on gameplay and quests.

Apply for access in your respective clans here, remember to post your ingame character name and age etc. If you are from:

Tooth Grinders(TG) :
Troglo-Phones (TP) :
Bursting Bellies(BB):
Frozen Ffeet(FF):
Caribou Sniffers(CS):
Hanging Dogs(HD):
Left Hand Tribe(LHT):
Egg Heads (EH):

Good luck !

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