Common occurrence ie: Error page or Page not loading

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Common occurrence ie: Error page or Page not loading

Postby Juni » Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:17 pm

Please do the following before posting a question or reporting it as a bug.
  • Clear your browser's cache, here's a link on how to do it. Clearing your browsers cache.
  • Check your computers setting to enable javascript, javascript has nothing to do with Java VM by Sun Microsystem, so don't get mixed up with those 2.
  • Update your flash software.
  • Update your browser.
  • Always log out and log in again after having to do the above mentioned.
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Re: Common occurrence ie: Error page or Page not loading

Postby Chris@home » Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:49 pm

Just further information concerning flash:
The link above will display what version of Flash Player you have installed. To play this game, you should always make sure you have the latest Flash Player, which can be downloaded here:

And concerning browsers:

We are aware of issues when using the SeaMonkey, Kamino and IceWeasel browsers meaning some parts of the game simply won't work. We strongly suggest you use the latest version of one of the more well known browsers, such as Firefox 3.5+, IE 8+, Safari 4+, Chrome 2+ or Opera 9.6+
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