Age 1: Healthcare & Injuries Guide

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Age 1: Healthcare & Injuries Guide

Postby Juni » Fri Mar 13, 2009 10:01 pm

Possible reasons for your health decreasing :
- you have an ailment/an injury
- you have changed job
- you've been in a fight
- you lost health points during a mammoth hunt
- your home isn't hygienic enough
- Your health is very low... the lower it is, the more chances you have of being injured.

If you have one of the following ailments or injuries (you can see them in your Events), then you use a healing item that can be bought in the shop and/or the market place. Don’t forget to use it once you have bought it :
- Bad Hunting Injury/Accident & Falls – Special Bandage
- Brainitus "brain inflamation due to an infected maulible of a flea" – Magic Potion
- Burns – Healing Cream
- Common cold – Magic Potion
- Crabs – Healing Cream
- Cuts – Light Bandage
- Falls – Special Bandage
- Purulent pustules "it is you that smells that bad" – Healing Cream
- Rat attacks –Light Bandage
- Sclarotitus – Magic Potion
- Sprains – Light Bandage
- The Runs – Magic Potion
- Toad bites – Light Bandage
- Twisted Ankle - light bandage

If you are fed up with being injured, then you can visit the temple or the marketplace for :
- Sadogatake, god of accidents and illness (you won't ever be ill or injured again !) Requires 1 credit

For any injury from untidiness, buy hygiene and comfort items for your hut.
To avoid your health decreasing for no apparent reason, your home should include one of each of the following items :

- Simple bucket
- Olive branch broom
- Latrines
- Well

If you don’t have an ailment, but your health is less than 80 %, then you can use the following item:
- Healing potion

You can also choose to sleep instead of hunting...
you will gain 10 health points instead of 5, and your risk of getting injured will be reduced.
You can still get burns, crabs or runs, though. You also gain 5 morale points.

Finally, to reset your health to 100 % every night, you should visit the temple or the marketplace and buy :
- Vitalitak, goddess of the flora (replenishes your health levels to 100% every night !) Requires 1 credit

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