No Daily Gift

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No Daily Gift

Postby Ellia » Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:33 pm

When I registered my character to Age 4, I validated my email address like I was asked, and I received the daily gift. A few days ago (after a week of gifts), the gift stopped coming, and it said I needed to validate my email. I asked some of my friends about it, who referred me to someone else who had the problem, and I was sent to a thread in the archive. In it, the person was able to retype their email and send themselves another validation email. I went into my account to try this, but it wouldn't let me type anything, let alone my email. Is this just a bug, or is my email really not validated?
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Re: No Daily Gift

Postby double » Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:46 pm

Hi, can you go to your profile (at the top of the page ingame) , then scroll down and check the option on "Change/Validate email address" ?
you should have the line indicating your email has been validated if you have done so. If not, maybe you can key in the same email under "New email address:" and there will a code sent to your mail for you to key in to validate ingame. From what I know, regardless of whether if you have validated your email (by keying the code sent to your mail ingame) or not , you will get your daily gift for the first 10 days.
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