Harbour - problem in boarding

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Harbour - problem in boarding

Postby alexina » Fri May 25, 2012 4:30 pm

Hi !

Here are my actions at the harbour today :

25-05-2012 08:35:16 You disembarked from Work or Fish just before the departure.

25-05-2012 04:25:40 You boarded the boat named Work or Fish owned by Parkbench for 5 drachma(e).

25-05-2012 02:20:01 The boat has arrived at Cnossus. You have just set foot ashore.

It is now impossible to board:
Warning: The harbour guards are sick and tired of seeing you hanging around.
They won't let you pass for the time being.

Isn't the rule that you can't board after disembarking TWICE before departure ? :?

Thank you in advance for your reply !
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