character dying while game is paused?

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character dying while game is paused?

Postby mrunner4home » Sun Dec 20, 2009 2:29 am

i had to pause my character (age 3 -- baseballplayr339). i haven't been online for 2-3 days and today i get a message saying my character's dying!:

Be careful, baseballplayr339 is dying on


Your character baseballplayr339 on is dying...
You have another 3 days to bring your character back to life. Once those 3 days have passed, you'll need to start over again.

Hope to see you soon,

The Human-Age team

so i go to human-age and log in to try to come back to life and i come to this page ... ction=mort
it says (in case you can't click the link):

The temple of Osiris allows everyone to call upon Osiris for him to grant his blessings to the citizens!

You have been at death's door for 1 days. The only way to come back to life is praying to Seth so he'll grant you a second chance!
Buy 10 more credit(s) and Isis will grant you a gift carrying her name.
and then it gives me a bunch of paypal paying stuff

i don't know what's going on! first, how do i come back to life? second, i shouldn't even be dead! it's only been 3 days max and i had high health and moral. how could i die, even if the pausing didn't work??
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Re: character dying while game is paused?

Postby Heroi » Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:34 am

Already checked it, problem solved! :thumbup:
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