please read before posting!!!!: about posting

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please read before posting!!!!: about posting

Postby angie82199 » Sat May 03, 2008 2:08 am

Before posting:
Please check the Newbie Answers Forums and Troubleshooter Forums before you post too,
just in case someone else was just as troubled as you are ;)

when posting:
In order to help you this forum is designed for questions. Please feel free to ask any question you wish - provided it is within the rules.

However please consider others in your position who are wondering about the question you are about to ask and try to summarise the question in the title of your post.

Obviously some questions may need a little precising first, as there is not enough space for some questions. You willl still need to ask the exact question you want to ask. It will help those answering your question as well.

Many thanks

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