The Cave of the Earth-Listener

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The Cave of the Earth-Listener

Postby dinokidthesecond » Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:50 am

I know why you have come. Some of you seek answers, others wish to learn the ways of the earth-listener, and still some of you are merely curious about me and my practice. Well, come, listen and I shall tell you.

All I require of you... is to ask your question once, not to spam, and please make your best attempt at good grammar. I will get to you, but the spirits are quite finicky. So are those supreme druids and mods too.

The market is in flames. The wind blows a single mammoth hair into my hand. A large melon rolls near me, and dark, heavy clouds cover the sky. The cries of dying animals are heard in the distance; we are not the only hunters.

The hair, it tells me the mammoths are coming now. The melon tells me of a time of plenty to come, while the clouds warn me of the great injuries that will be paid to balance nature. But, only I saw the melon, so the plenty will be among the mammoths, not all things. And the clouds are seen by all, so all will be at risk.

From this I can tell you this advice: while the mammoth herds will be large and full of meat for us to feast upon, I warn you to be extra careful hunting now, as the predators follow the mammoths, and not even the best of us could hope to face the great wolf packs or wandering bears that come now with the mammoths.
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